A Message from the Project Management Office

For the past four years, we, at Venture for Fund Raising, 

have been very fortunate to be a partner of 10M in 10

and at the same time be able to serve as its 

Project Management Office (PMO).


As much as we want to see this project through as the PMO, 

the time has come for us to return this role to the Movement's

main proponent, the Energy Development Corporation (EDC). 


We would like to send our heartfelt THANK YOU to all our partners

for the four years filled with learning, collaboration, and friendships. 


Not only did this bring us closer to you, our most committed partners

in this re-greening effort, but more importantly, this experience

serves as our testament to a genuine example of synergy,

volunteerism, and generosity. 


You have proven, and continue to prove

that people will always be open to sharing

their own resources and work with like-minded groups

and individuals in order to achieve a common goal!


Congratulations on your Year 4!


With you in aspiring for a Greener Negros,


- The Venture Team